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 Landscape Design 

 Desert Jewels Nursery 

Diane Stutzman is the owner of Desert Jewels Nursery


She has more than 20 years’ experience as a botanist and plant community ecologist for the

Idaho Panhandle National Forest, for The Nature Conservancy in South Dakota,

and for the Bureau of Land Management in Oregon and Washington.


Diane has managed Desert Jewels Nursery for 16 years,

and has been doing landscape design for nursery customers for the last 5 years!


Las Vegas has Cash for Grass, Spokane has Spokane-Scapes.

If you get your water from the City of Spokane, you can apply for a rebate

up to $500 off your water bill, if you remove up to 500 square feet of

grass and replace it with low water plants.  

Desert Jewels Nursery can provide the design and the plants for an

amazingly beautiful low water landscape.

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